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Epdm Tiles

Thickness: 10/12/15/20/25mm | Material: EPDM | Colors - Variety of colors option available You can select out of BLACK, TERRACOTTA, GREY, BLUE, AND GREEN base tile with flecks of red, green, orange, blue, white, grey, purple and many more....

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Gym Flooring

SBR crumb rubber tiles are the tiles best suitable for Gym Flooring . These are made out of recycled rubber crumb having the properties of flexibility,sound proof, strength, durability wear resistant and long life. These tiles are best suitable for heavy weight areas as it is best for weight dropping...

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Interlocking Tiles

INTERLOCKING TILES are the SBR rubber tiles which are perfect to use in any commercial or home gym application. This interlocking tile comes in the form of puzzle pieces which easily fits into each other . This reduces the amount of time used for installation and fixing tiles with glue and can be easily removed...

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SBR EPDM Rubber Roll

SBR EPDM ROLLS are rubber rolls made of SBR rubber with colored flecks of EPDM on it. These are highly flexible rolls which helps in enhancing it’s life. It is suitable for indoor areas with its properties of sound absorption, shock absorption and skid resistance.These rolls are fire resistant...

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Laminated Tiles

Laminated tiles gives an equally good look as wooden or other flooring gives.When we need to upgrade our place by installing new flooring, laminated tiles is undoubtedly anideal option. This type of flooring gives beautiful look, durable, can be easily cleaned and are affordable...

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Premium Gym Tiles

Premium gym tiles are the product launched by AMAZING FLOORS to serve our valuable clients with superior quality of SBR rubber tiles which enhances the look of your area of application of tiles.its unique upper surface gives a different and premium look of Tiles. Your Gym,Play school,shopping complex...

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Outdoor Play Area

A fun-filled and safe place could be the best place for children. When it is both safe and enjoyable, definitely more visitors would like to come. Here we provide you easyideas to keep your playground fun filled as well as protective...

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Outdoor GYM

Capture more benefits by exercising outdoors. An outdoor gym provides many benefits such as better physical and mental health, fresh air, clear mind, anti depression vibes, direct sunlight etc. With this comes a responsibility to choose a flooring that would attract more visitors...

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EVA Interlocking Mat

Thickness: 15/20/25/35/40 mm | Material: EVA Interlocking Mat | color: any color | EVA MATS We offer EVA Mats, made with soft, long-lasting polymer of ethylene & vinyl acetate and are usually utilized in flooring. Quick installation, environmentally-friendly, anti-skid, soft cushioning and variant colors are its properties. These...

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Grass Mat

what is grass mat -- a woven mat simulating trimmed grass and used especially to form backgrounds for displays or theatrical scenery.
general size -- 2 meter by 25 meter

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EPDM Flooring

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene methylene) rubber is synthetic and is used for various uses including playground surface and sports flooring purposes. It is safe and non-toxic, which makes it a great option for children's playgrounds...

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3M Mat

Amazing Floors brings best 3M Mat solutions for you! These mats have unique features of trapping dust, dirt and water more effectively. If water or dust falls on the ground, it traps the dust and water in order to ensure that they do not spread on entire floor and the place can be easily cleaned...

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Wooden Flooring

Being regarded as one of the trendsetters in wooden flooring, Amazing Floors always excels in bring best for their customers. Wooden laminated flooring has become an ultimate choice for many as it adds to the beauty and value of every home. It helps in making home or office even more decorative...

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PVC/VINYL Flooring

Looking for large, flexible PVC/Vinyl flooring sheets to install at your place? Amazing Floors is here to provide you with curated designs and colours of PVC flooring.We are amongst experienced and reliable dealers who deal in all kinds of flooring for home...

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BadMinton Court

As every outdoor game requires a perfect flooring, Badminton also requires the same. Are you confused as to what type of flooring to install for badminton court? Well, you will get answer for all your questions here. At Amazing Floors, we aim to provide you guidance that would certainly answer all your queries...

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Yoga mat is an essential product for practising yoga as every yoga teacher advice to use them. It ensures safety and maintains comfortability level for the body. The most important benefit is that while using yoga mats, body is protected from rigidness and heat of the floor...

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Jogging Track

Jogging Tracks are a great way to improve fitness as it helps in boosting confidence and ability level. It becomes more motivating and convenient when a perfect jogging track is on our way. It increases the running speed and keeps you more focussed for track run...

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Carpet Flooring

Flooring choice varies from person to person according to their budget andlifestyle. There are pros and cons of every type of flooring, however, it depends on the place at where you want install. One of the popular floorings include carpet flooring. It is quite suitable for every location and ensures durability...

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