SBR EPDM ROLLS are rubber rolls made of SBR rubber with colored flecks of EPDM on it. These are
highly flexible rolls which help in enhancing its life.

It is suitable for indoor areas with its properties of sound absorption, shock absorption, and skid resistance. These rolls are fire-resistant.



• Volleyball,basketball,tennis court
• Multi-purpose sport areas
• Fitness and gym center
• Preschool and children playgrounds
• Walking areas
• Shopping mall, exhibition, Office

When rubber rolls are cut into different sizes and shapes, it’s perfect to put under treadmill and other
equipment, in the workshop or under the wooden floor and ceramic tiles to absorb shock and sound.



Rubber rolls are Black with colorful EPDM flecks.
EPDM flecks colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, grey, white and mixed colors.



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