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Rubber flooring proves to be
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We are experts in manufacturing quality rubber floors in less price. We provide
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Perhaps the most commonly touted benefit of rubber flooring is the fact that it is strong, tough and resilient under a variety of conditions.



Despite its durability, rubber flooring is soft underfoot. This is one of the primary reason it’s so popular for exercise and Gym Rooms.
We are Bestest Rubber Flooring Supplier & EPDM rubber floor manufacturer in Indian market. With high quality and low price.

Bask in the benefits of opting for the option to select rubber gym flooring!

Get your hands on amazing rubber floor tiles from amazing floors. We are India’s largest manufacturers of rubber flooring. You will find 100+ colors and design options, ranging from plain black to terracotta and more. While most of our rubber floor tiles come from finest and A1 Grade Rubber, We also offer Pvc Interlocking floor tiles. Our gym tiles come together like pieces of a life-size puzzle, offering you DIY Installation process, Its easy and fun to install.

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When it comes to the decision of installing gym flooring, it is essential to know the purpose of the flooring before finalizing one. This is one of the important tasks that are not done by many people but should be taken into serious consideration when settling on the gym flooring option.

Going to the gym is the most important activity in human lives as one has to be sure of leading a healthy lifestyle. This is the reason why it is especially significant to be aware of the kind of gym floorings that you will be installing in your home gym or if you own a gym then in your work gym.

Rubber gym flooring is becoming the most popular with commercial gym owners because of the fact that gym floor tiles possess a lot of perks.

The primary benefit is linked with the gym flooring is that fact that they do not cause any accidents. This is chiefly because the gym flooring softens the fall and helps in reducing the chances of slipping that can lead to the athletes to fall on the floors especially on the ones face or back.

Since there are many risks that come with the gym because most of the people sweat and the gym flooring is capable of getting extremely wet, people are well guarded if they fall, if the gym floors are made of the rubber although the chances of slipping are lowered.

The other perk that is linked with fitting the gym floor mats especially for the use in the commercial gyms is the fact that it highly protects the exercise machines from damaging the surfaces of the floor of upmarket decor in luxury gyms. The reason is that they do not get any scratches when friction with the floor occurs because the gym flooring rubber is absorbent.

Machine’s installation is another thing that the people should look out for to make sure of the safety of the users and also of the equipment’s tear and wear. Make sure that they are being mounted in the section of the gym that there is rubber mats or gym flooring put underneath of the equipment so that it is stable on the floor and can soak up the shock as well as the resistance of the vigorous regular use.

Although the rubber gym floors are highly beneficial, it is also essential to note that they can be very expensive. It is because of the fact that they are of excellent quality and that they also need to be maintained in the best possible manner so that they can last longer without requiring any replacements.

It is therefore essential to make sure that you know the price that you have to pay prior to choosing the brand and the quality of the gym flooring that you will be installed in the gym. Make sure that you select the gym flooring option that is reasonable and most fitting to you and does not compromise the standard and the purpose of the floor covering.

Keep in mind, the thickness as well as the type of rubber product that you want because meeting your needs and requirements is the goal of Amazing floors that it strive to achieve every time.


Rubber flooring manages the spills beautifully and resists the stains or any other permanent damage. This flooring is ideal for the people with children who are prone to dropping the cups or bottles. However, remember that pools of liquid can loosen the rubber floors adhesives. Ensure that you mop up any excess water while cleaning to prevent any damage to the surface of the floor.

Amazing floors includes all the types of rubber flooring options that come in various colors and variations along with the promise to deliver the ordered product on time.

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